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    AboutUs We can do no great things, only small things with great love. ~Mother Teresa

    Medical and Cultural Association (MCA) is a registered nonprofit, non-political, non-religious, cultural and community organization started in the year 1998 of Telugus in & around Repalle. MCA registered office located at Sri Guttikonda LakshmiNarayana Community Centre, Repalle, Guntur Dist, AndhraPradesh.

    The purpose of the MCA organization is to serve the people through cultural and charity work. Driven by the needs of residents, the MCA organization extensive services and programs touch almost every sector in the city: from newborns to senior citizens, from school-aged children to homeless families, from non-profit organizations to local employers. MCA's mission is to identify & address social, cultural and educational needs.

    We have been implementing different developmental activities for the society in collaboration with various philanthropic agencies and individuals. We will work for the social, economic, educational development and conduct related trainings and orientation activities. The approach holistic and integrated one to empower the participant beneficiaries in all spheres of their lives.

    Thanks to the power of word-of-mouth communication and the dedication of our initial donors, in the ensuing years the sponsorships grew to embrace thousands of people.

    The organization is blessed to be guided through the right path by the following honorary members:

    * Dr.K.Krishna Kumari (Lifetime Honorary President)

    * Dr.K.Vasudeva Rao (Key Person)

    * Dr.V.Prakasa Rao (Key Person)


    * Executive Committee

    Designation Name
    President Sri G.Ramakrishna Babu
    Vice-President Dr.V.Rama Krishna
    Secretary Sri G.Bapa Rao
    Joint Secretary Sri P.Subrahmanyam
    Treasurer Sri V.Saeswara Rao
    Executive Members Sri P.P.Buchi babu
    Sri N.Satya Prasad

    MCA Repalle NGO Certificate

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